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Abaco Cloud, the efficient data collection and analysis solution for projects based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). To assist professionals in observing and implementing their work to the fullest.

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The efficient data collection and analysis solution for projects based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Abaco Cloud.
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An integrated IT platform through a single management system to support the application of behavior analysis in the therapeutic journey of individuals with autism or neurodevelopmental disorders.

For behavior analysts

Plan the interventions quickly and accurately.

With Abaco Cloud, behavior analysts can structure the Task Analysis of each skill by defining every single characteristic.

They can, for example:

  • Set skills and their respective targets, indicating the type of data to be collected and the acquisition criteria.
  • Set criteria for suspending targets.
  • Set retention where necessary.
  • Monitor the progress of pairing procedures.
  • Define and analyze preferences.
  • Analyze problem behaviors.
  • Monitor the activity of individual technicians virtually in real-time.
  • Obtain functional graphs.
  • …and much more
For ABA Operators

In any contest and with different devices and accurancy

Execute predefined and customized programs instantly on any device and anywhere. Moreover, you can run programs during therapy sessions without requiring specific computer skills. Just select a client/patient, follow the program, and immediately start data collection.

During the session, the technician will have the opportunity to record all data not on flying sheets but directly through a device (smartphone or tablet) connected to the cloud. The analyst can view the data in real-time and easily analyze them.

It will also be possible to generate graphs to provide clear evidence of progress.

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Gennaro De Pinto

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Mauro De Palma

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Dott.ssa Teresa Piumelli

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Dario de Robertis

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Alessandro Numerato


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