Software in cloud professionisti ABA
The scientific method

What is Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis and is the applied science derived from the basic science known as Behavior Analysis.
Applied Behavior Analysis) and is the applied science derived from the basic science known as Behavior Analysis (Skinner, 1953 – “Science and Human Behavior”).

Applied behavioral analysis is the science of understanding and improving human behavior.

It is a scientific approach to the study of human behavior to discover the environmental variables that influence the delivery of socially significant behaviors and the development of behavior change technology that takes practical advantage of these findings.

Applied Behavior Analysis systematically applies interventions designed to improve socially significant behaviors including academic, social, communication, and adaptive skills. Effectiveness and efficiency are translated into precise intervention plans and strategies made available to people with “special needs”, that is, those who, for reasons sometimes clear but mostly still unknown, cannot take advantage of the opportunities that life “normally” offers.

Studies show that the application of Behavior Analysis determines significant improvements in intellectual abilities, communication and language, adaptive behaviors in children in the autism spectrum; the involvement of all figures that are part of the context of life of the subject is essential so that we can speak of an intervention not only effective but also generalized.

The ABA does not forget the individuality of each person as it starts from making a “picture” of the person by defining the characteristics, preferences, skills present emerging and absent, what is necessary to teach respecting the dignity and values of the person and protecting his social image, ensuring a process of inclusion aimed at improving the quality of life.

Abaco Cloud.
Progress at your fingertips.

Towards the future

Welcome home to ABACO Cloud, the effective data collection and analysis solution for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)-based projects. If you’re tired of cumbersome notebooks that slow down your work and risk lowering the productivity and quality of your sessions, you’ve come to the right place.

Software in cloud per professionisti ABA

Plan interventions quickly and accurately.

With Abaco Cloud the behavior analyst will be able to structure the Task Analysis of each skill by defining every single characteristic. For example

set the skills and the related targets indicating the type of data to be collected and the acquisition criteria
Target suspension criteria
Set retention where necessary
Monitor the progress of pairing procedures
Define and analyze preferences
Analyze problem behaviors
Monitor the activity of individual technicians in near real-time

…and much more.

Software in cloud per professionisti ABA

In any context and with different devices with ease and accuracy.

Run predefined and customized programs instantly on any device, anywhere. Plus, you can run programs during therapy sessions without any special computer skills. All you have to do is choose a client/patient, follow the program, and start data collection immediately.

During the session, the technician will have the ability to record all data no longer on flying cards, but directly through a device (smartphone or tablet) that will be connected in the cloud. The analyst will be able to view the data in real time and can easily analyze it.

It will also be possible to produce graphs to give clear evidence of progress.

Software in cloud per professionisti ABA

Get functional charts easily

With one click you can easily produce graphs on the data you collect that show clear progress in seconds. No more messy work and no more trouble finding old notes. Everything will be done in a virtual space accessible from anywhere.

“ABACO Cloud is exactly what you need. Affordable and simple, it allows staff to get started with new programs quickly and easily access data. Most importantly, it allows you to increase efficiency and incredibly reduce your work time. ” 

Software in cloud per professionisti ABA


ABACO Cloud was born out of necessity. A need for an easy-to-use solution to start changing the world, one child at a time.
From this passion, we created the ideal tool to reduce administrative costs and increase treatment effectiveness. Real-time data collection and charts that are simple to use every day without slowing you down.

Teach me in different ways, so I will be able to learn.”.

(Cíntia Leão Silva)