“One evening, about two weeks after we were notified of my son’s diagnosis, I took the car and drove to the beach to clear my head. As I drove, I began to think about my little one’s future. My mind conjured up all kinds of scary scenarios: mental retardation, rejection, teasing, bullying, victimization, isolation, becoming one of society’s forgotten people. So the moment I stepped onto the sand, I was living a nightmare. And as I walked on the beach it got worse and worse. Well after about half an hour of this nightmare, I suddenly winced. I stopped and stood in silence, awestruck contemplating one of the most magnificent sunsets I have ever seen.

I stood there watching for several minutes, not saying a word, unable to believe that I had missed that transformation” (If the World Crashes Down on You, Russ Harris).

The moment in which parents receive the diagnosis of autism for their child is a traumatic moment, there is the perception that “the world collapses on you”, autism is not a disease but it is a life condition that accompanies the person throughout his life, a life that can be made dignified, happy, lived in comfort with the support of a network that works together to ensure the best possible quality.

Autism means a different mental functioning, a functioning that cannot be changed. Autism means a variability of aspects, characteristics, behaviors, mental levels, ability to relate to others depending on the characteristics of the person, the cognitive impairments or not, the interventions that are implemented, the living environment, the stimuli, the values of the person.

Always have the focus on the person, their needs, expectations, values without judging them, skills, what is right and proper to teach by avoiding starting from what we believe is our right way of doing things, but instead by fixing what is right and makes sense for the person in front of us.

Receiving a diagnosis also means making choices. In the coming days we will publish a very meaningful story of a mom. Follow us and follow our blog

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